Is chronic or situational anxiety crippling your ability to live a life free of fear? Are you struggling to quiet or control the racing, persistent and illogical thoughts that are dominating your mind, triggering fearful responses and creating uncomfortable feelings throughout your body? Perhaps you have become so anxious or fearful of particular places or situations that you have begun avoiding activities, struggle to complete daily tasks, or have even become a prisoner within your own home. Maybe anxiety has affected your sleep, altered your eating patterns, or created other frightening physical symptoms – such as heart palpitations, pain or excessive sweating. Do you have a strong urge to escape from anxious thoughts, feelings and body sensations, but find that the harder you try to break free, the more uncomfortable and limiting your fear-based avoidance becomes? Do you wish you could find a way to quiet your mind, experience better control over your feelings and body responses and live a life free of fear and limitations? 

The anxiety experience can feel a lot like being trapped under turbulent water. It is scary and confusing; the harder you struggle to break free, the more it consumes you, frightens you and pushes you under. Anxiety disorders can manifest in many ways. You may be naturally prone to anxiety and perpetually feel uncomfortable. You might suffer from panic attacks, phobias or specific anxieties, such as test or performance anxiety. Your anxiety could be situational and brought on by a trauma or a major life transition. Or, your anxiety may have become so crippling that you are unable to leave your home. Regardless of how you are suffering, the good news is that with the right treatment for anxiety strategies and coaching, anxiety and the fear it elicits can be mitigated, managed and eventually overcome effectively.  

Anxiety Disorders Are Very Common And Curable

Anxiety disorders are the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorder in the U.S., affecting roughly 40 million adults, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Although anxiety disorders are highly treatable, only one-third of people suffering from anxiety receive treatment. While many people manage anxiety to some extent on their own, for others it can become limiting and even crippling. If you are suffering from anxiety that is keeping you from doing the things you want or need to do, getting treatment for anxiety help may be critical to your well being and can provide you with enormous relief.

I Can Help You Live A Life Free Of The Limitations That Fear And Anxiety Create

Treatment for anxiety disorders can be extremely effective. With the right coach, tools and strategy, you can begin to create positive change immediately and enjoy long-lasting results.

In our sessions, you can begin to identify your anxiety process, where it comes from, how it is triggered and how it manifests. Beyond using effective and traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches, I will design an integrated, individualized treatment for anxiety approach composed of proven techniques, skills and tools that best address your specific needs, personality and learning style. Decades of treating anxiety disorders, advanced training, and helping people overcome everything from phobias to test anxiety to public speaking issues gives me the diverse experience, insight and ability to holistically appreciate and treat each individual uniquely. 

The techniques and strategies I use work, and countless clients have experienced initial results in just a few sessions. In addition to our coaching and counseling sessions, I will teach you how visualization, breathing and relaxation techniques work and how to use them in your daily life so you can experience relief in the first moments that anxiety sets in.

With help, willingness and commitment, you can calm, manage and eventually overcome the uncomfortable triggers, thoughts, feelings and physiological symptoms that are causing you pain. I will teach you how to effectively use your mind and tailor-made techniques, guide you through the processes of overcoming your anxiety and coach you as you begin implementing new skills into your life. With practice, these techniques can retrain behavioral patterns, become a natural response to quieting anxiety symptoms and create new, beneficial neural pathways in your brain. Through identifying and practicing the right strategies for you, it is very possible to learn how to help yourself in the moment, develop a healthy balance in all aspects of your self, and live a life free of anxiety and perpetual fear.

But, you still may have questions or concerns…

I’ve heard that treatment for anxiety is expensive and can take a long time.

First, I encourage you to ask yourself how much anxiety is limiting your life. Is it causing you to suffer daily and keeping you from living the life you want to live? If so, I invite you to imagine yourself doing all the things that living with heightened anxiety currently prevents you from doing and ask yourself what that is worth.

Second, my practical approach is different than most therapists. Years of study, experience and counseling specific to treating anxiety disorders have enabled me to fine tune techniques and create a tailor-made treatment strategy for each individual. The techniques I use and teach work effectively and efficiently, and my success rate for treating anxiety disorders is very high. Together, we can create an integrated approach and schedule that addresses your specific needs, personality and situation. 

I’ve been to my doctor and medication has been recommended. Is medication really necessary as a treatment for anxiety disorders?

While medication can be effective in mitigating anxiety symptoms and, in certain circumstances may be necessary and beneficial, medication is always most useful when used in combination with therapy. That said, medication is not always required to ease anxiety symptoms and, if prescribed, may take up to six weeks to yield results, as well as cause unwanted side effects. Alternatively, my treatment approach can produce both relatively immediate and long-lasting results, without the unwanted side effects produced by drugs. In addition to causing side effects, many anxiety medications are potent, can be physically addictive and treat symptoms rather than their causes.

It’s important to understand that as human beings we are much more than a set of physiological or psychological symptoms; we think, feel and engage with other people. Anxiety is caused by the convergence of who we are and how we live our lives. Therefore, a primary focus of treating anxiety disorders is to identify, understand and address the thoughts, feelings, body sensations and interpersonal elements that produce anxiety – which no medication can do. Once you recognize and alter the causes that produce your anxiety, you make room for new, more useful processes. In therapy, you can modify older processes by learning practical techniques and skills that you can employ in the real world on a daily basis and in the moments when panic or anxiety set in. These practical, easy-to-learn and effective solutions can provide both more immediate and long-term results and reduce or completely alleviate the need for medication. 

How can anxiety treatment therapy really help me overcome specific issues, such as test anxiety or a fear of public speaking?

In these instances, our sessions will be less like traditional therapy and focused more around me guiding you in learning practical, accessible and effective techniques that you can apply in the moments that anxiety or panic sets in, such as during tests or when giving a presentation. I can coach you on how to access your calm center, use your mind practically and effectively within highly stressful situations, maintain focus during periods of fear or anxiety, and stop racing, illogical thoughts at their onset. The skills I teach work, are easy to grasp and apply, and can be used in all performance-based aspects of your life. In fact, many of the techniques I teach are similar to the ones that professional athletes and performers have been using for years.

I invite you to call me @ (206) 745-4933 for a free phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and any questions you have about anxiety disorders, therapy and my practice.