Is Anxiety Running Your Life?

Is your anxiety getting in the way of living a joyous, productive and peaceful life? Do feelings of panic frighten, immobilize or isolate you? Have you experienced a racing heartbeat or tightness in your chest? Perhaps you are consumed with worrisome, illogical, repetitive or racing thoughts. Or, maybe you strive for perfection and set lofty Anxiety Treatment Seattlegoals for yourself, but oftentimes abstain from acting or taking healthy risks because of fear of judgment or making mistakes. Has anxiety had a negative effect on how you eat, sleep or engage at work, school or within relationships? Do you wish you could find a way to calm down, breathe easier and experience more harmony, confidence and successes in your daily life?

Living with heightened anxiety can be a scary, immobilizing and frustrating experience. You may believe that something is really wrong with you or that you should be able to better control your thoughts and feelings, which can create even more anxiety. You may be terrified of making mistakes, fear the onset of intense panic, engage in a lot of negative self-talk or perpetually compare yourself to others. Anxiety may also make you feel continuously frightened or isolated. Often, anxiety can feel like living within a prison inside yourself.

Everyone Experiences Anxiety

Almost everyone experiences anxiety in one situation or another. Humans are hard-wired to worry, and oftentimes the harder we try to avoid or “fix” feelings of worry or anxiety, the more pronounced the feelings become. Although some level of anxiety affects nearly everyone, it becomes a problem when you start spending more time worrying about the onset of intense anxiety than you do about the event that may trigger it. Anxiety also becomes a problem when it creates intense feelings of fear that significantly impact your ability to feel and function well. When anxiety and fear dominate, seeking anxiety treatment can be critical.

It Is Possible To Calm Anxious Feelings And Live With More Confidence and Comfort

Therapy can be an extremely effective way to better understand your anxiety, learn how to calm anxious feelings in the moment and develop practical skills to cope with stress. Studies show that Cognitive Behavioral Therapies are as effective in treating anxiety as medication. And, the big upside of anxiety treatment therapy over medication is that rather than a long list of potential side effects, the commonly experienced side effects of cognitive therapy are that you may begin to think more logically and rationally.

In our sessions, I can help you understand how your mind interacts with your emotions and how you emotions affect your body. I can help you identify root causes of anxiety and why certain thoughts, feelings and situations trigger heightened feelings of panic. I can teach you practical and concrete skills and tools that you can apply in the real world to calm anxious feelings at their onset. These techniques can help you experience immediate relief and more ease in your daily life. Together, we can also address any negative thoughts and feelings that you have about yourself, and shift negative self-talk into more positive and self-supportive language.

Even if you’re feeling frightened, helpless or totally hopeless right now, it’s important to note that anxiety disorders are some of the most commonly treated disorders and success rates are very high. I’ve provided anxiety treatment to countless clients suffering from moderate to extreme anxiety over the years and am consistently impressed by how quickly and easily people assimilate the practical tools I offer and learn how to handle the stresses and fears in their lives more effectively. I recognize that everyone is different and has their own distinctive internal dialogue and way of interacting with the world. This is why I will meet you where you are emotionally, intellectually and philosophically and draw from a variety of approaches, tools and strategies to create a healing process that is tailored to your unique personality and specific needs. With help, the right anxiety treatment strategy for you, and a commitment to feeling and functioning better, it is entirely possible for you to enjoy a more comfortable, successful and joyous day-to-day life.

But, you still may have questions or concerns…

I’ve tried therapy before and it didn’t help. How are you different?

Years of study, experience and counseling specific to anxiety issues enable me to design and integrate a wealth of approaches, strategies and tools that can provide relief actively and quickly. In our anxiety treatment sessions, I will provide you with concrete, practical techniques and teach you how to apply them to your daily life. When anxious feeling rise within you, you will know how to help yourself in the moment. In addition to learning useful techniques, we will work together to identify emotional triggers and transform negative self-talk so you can experience long-term results. It is possible to reprogram thought patterns so they become more realistic and empowering.

I’ve heard that therapy is just talking. How can talking about my feelings over and over while a therapist just listens lead to any real results?

My practice is composed of much more than simply talking and listening. I work very interactively with my clients, and can teach you a variety of skills that you can utilize and integrate into your real world experience. This is why so many of my clients experience immediate results and relief. I view myself as a teacher. In our sessions, I can teach you how to take useful skills out into the world and soar successfully with their wisdom. My goal is for you to experience the realization of your potential and talents, which comes from having a better understanding of yourself, anxiety and how your mind, emotions and body integrate. You can apply techniques tailored to your specific needs and integrate an increased understanding of yourself and your anxiety into your daily life. Doing so can allow you to experience more confidence and harmony now and in the long-term.

I’ve heard that anxiety treatment can be expensive and take a lot of time.

First, I encourage you to ask yourself how much your anxiety is holding you back. Is it affecting your productivity, relationships, self-worth and concentration? Do you want to move through your life with less fear and worry and, rather, with more confidence and ease? If so, therapy can be a critical investment into your wellbeing.

Second, my practical approach is different than many therapists. With me, clients experience results fairly quickly. The techniques I use and teach work. Together, we can create an approach, schedule and process that fits your specific personality, needs and situation.

I invite you to call me for a free phone consultation to discuss your unique situation and any questions you have about anxiety, therapy and my practice.