7 Tips for Coping with Panic Attacks and Getting Your Life Back

Do you struggle with panic attacks? Do they occur when you least expect them or at the wrong time? Thankfully, there are solutions for coping with panic attacks, so that you can live a full life with less anxiety.

Tip #1: Breathing for Coping with Panic Attacks

When you are experiencing a panic attack it’s common to push everything else aside and let the anxiety overwhelm you. By practicing breathing exercises, you can improve your ability to cope with panic attacks by focusing on your breathing instead. Meditation is one method, but simply focusing on breathing in and out calmly can be of help.

Tip #2: Make Space for Coping with Panic Attacks

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) recommends not just breathing, but also taking a time-out. Participating in activities that are calming can have crossover benefits when you are experiencing a panic attack. Some ideas include:

  • Listening to music that you enjoy.
  • Practicing yoga.
  • Getting a massage.

When having a panic attack, try to step away from the problem and take a pause. Practice a calming technique that allows you to relax. That way, you can revisit the problem with a clearer head.

Tip #3: Exercise for Coping with Panic Attacks

During a panic attack, can you take a moment to exercise? Maybe you are in your office working on a project, can you take a moment to do some push-ups or jumping jacks? The ADAA recommends exercise because it releases endorphins in the brain which affect mood. By including regular exercise in your daily routine, you can have a positive impact on your mental health and your physical health as well.

Tip #4: Think Calming Thoughts when Coping with Panic Attacks

Is there a phrase, mantra, or saying that you connect with, that might help you during a panic attack? Thinking calm thoughts or repeating a positive, reinforcing phrase can be helpful when having an attack. Some phrases include:

  • “It’s okay.”
  • “Be calm.”
  • “It’s alright.”

Need something more? Psychology Today lists ten top quotes for anxiety and coping with panic attacks. Consider writing or printing out your favorite quote and posting it prominently in your home or at the office.

Tip #5: Talk to Someone when Coping with Panic Attacks

One of the worst things you can do is hold in your anxiety. Is there someone in your daily life with whom you feel safe sharing your anxiety? When you are having a panic attack, can this person help you process the emotions you are feeling?

Tip #6: Do Something for Coping with Panic Attacks

When you are having a panic attack is there something physical that you can do to cope in the moment? Such as:

  • Tap your fingers or toes.
  • Draw or doodle on scratch paper.
  • Use a stress ball or hand grip.
  • Fidget with a pen or pencil in your hand.

The idea is to shift your focus away from what is triggering the anxiety and regain your composure.

Tip #7: Be Creative for Coping with Panic Attacks

When you have a panic attack, are you able to take a moment to draw, sing, or journal? Many people have used art as a way to cope with their emotions. They use their anxious feelings as fuel for their talents. Again, this is another strategy that allows you to direct your focus toward something else instead of your anxiety trigger.

Living with anxiety and panic attacks doesn’t mean you have to succumb to them. By taking simple, everyday steps, you can develop some “life hacks” that help you cope with panic attacks in healthy ways so that you don’t become overwhelmed.

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